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ROCB hosts WCO Global Shield

14 agosto 2012

The Europe ROCB hosts WCO Global Shield Train-the trainers workshop in Baku

- Article provided by the ROCB in Baku -

A regional train-the-trainers workshop within the WCO Global Shield Programme was held in the premises of the Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB) for Europe in Baku on 27-31 August 2012. The Global Shield Programme aims at combating the illicit movement of precursor-chemicals which could be used for the production of explosives. The objective of the workshop was to accredit a team of trainers to expand the training delivery capacities within the Programme. The workshop was delivered by a team of WCO trainers from Canada, U.S. and UK.

During the 5-day intensive workshop, 9 nominees from 4 Customs administrations of the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions had an opportunity to strengthen their training skills and abilities in the area of cross-border security and detecting illicit movement of precursors. They gained profound theoretical knowledge, obtained important experience of practical work with a scope of relevant chemicals and mastered advanced teaching techniques.

As a result of the workshop, a regional team of 3 accredited expert-trainers from Customs administrations of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine was set up who proved high capacities in conducting training events especially for a Russian speaking audience. Two more trainees from the Customs Administration of Pakistan were also certified as trainers.

The identified team of trainers will be engaged in conducting a first Global Shield national training workshop in the Europe region that will take place for the Azeri Customs service again in the premises of the ROCB on 3-7 September 2012.