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1st African Union Workshop on Integrity and the Fight against Corruption in Customs

06 junio 2012

Lusaka, Zambia 6-7 June 2012 

The African Union (AU) organized the first workshop on integrity and the fight against Corruption in Customs in Lusaka, Zambia from 6-7 June 2012. The WCO as well as regional entities were invited to speak about their integrity development programmes. The Members of the AU that were present shared the successful measures that their administrations have implemented in order to enhance integrity and fight corruption.

A draft resolution was presented as well as a draft report containing a series of suggestions defining the way forward after the workshop. The draft resolution and report will be submitted to the Directors General of Customs at their next meeting in September 2012.

It was decided that the WCO would be consulted for advice whenever necessary.

The WCO was very pleased to learn about the different integrity measures implemented in the region and asked the participants to contribute to the WCO Integrity Newsletter.

Best practices amongst Members of the region were already identified and shared with other WCO Members.