Successful continuation of Capacity Building co-operation with Sierra Leone

18 junio 2012

18-22 June 2012

Following a successful workshop in October 2011 that resulted in a new structure for Sierra Leone Customs & Excise Department, the WCO conducted a Risk Management workshop for the newly formed Risk Management Unit.

The Risk Management workshop took place over 18-22 June 2012. This was the first part of a two-part program sponsored by the Japanese Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF Japan).

The first part of the program aimed to draft a Customs Risk Management Framework and provide possible solutions and recommendations concerning problems and issues associated with current risk management practices and supporting processes and systems.

The aims of the second part of the program will include:

1. Training risk management, intelligence analysts and operational officers

2. Identification and categorisation of importers and exporters according to low, medium and high risk traders.

3. Identify key risk criteria and set in the ASYCUDA system.

4. Develop profiles and input them in the ASYCUDA system.

5. Implement intelligence tasking, intelligence briefing and operational reporting communication cycle.

Participants were very active and showed a keen interest in contributing to the development of and implementing the new framework during the first workshop. The Risk Management Unit is now able to assist other Sierra Leone work areas in developing risk plans.

Feedback from participants included appreciation of sharing experience of the WCO experts and the practical nature of the workshop, which resulted in drafting the first Sierra Leone Customs Risk Management Framework document. One participant stated:

“I would like to thank the WCO for coming and also the sponsors [CCF Japan]. I am looking forward to the second stage where I hope to gain more knowledge.