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APEC Leaders address Customs issues in Vladivostok Declaration

11 septiembre 2012

APEC Leaders address Customs issues in Vladivostok Declaration

Brussels, 10 September 2012

Press Release

The World Customs Organization (WCO) welcomes the Declaration released on 9 September by APEC Leaders meeting in Vladivostok, Russia under the theme “Integrate to grow, Innovate to prosper” which highlights the importance of streamlining Customs procedures in developing reliable supply chains to facilitate trade and maintain sustainable development.

The AEO programme in line with the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade was specifically addressed in the Declaration as an area for deeper discussion with the business community and other relevant stakeholders.

The Vladivostok Declaration also supported further work on information sharing, local or regional logistics sub-providers, early warning systems for emergencies, and better movement control and tracking of bulk cargo, dangerous goods and hazardous materials, all areas in which Customs plays a crucial role.

APEC Leaders agreed to cut tariff rates on 53 environmental goods, including solar panels and gas turbines which will be reduced to 5% or less by 2015, where the WCO Harmonized System goods nomenclature and more detailed national Customs tariffs are used to identify such goods.

The 2012 Ministers’ Statement, which was released on 6 September, addressed the importance of strengthening the security and facilitation of Customs procedures by encouraging ongoing work on de-minimis values, Single Window systems and their interoperability, the Virtual Customs Business Working Group, Intellectual Property Rights, and AEO programmes, amongst others.

“References to Customs issues in the APEC Leaders’ Declaration and the Ministers’ Statement are helpful in raising the profile of Customs,” said WCO Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya. “Good cooperation with APEC is a model for others and in this regard the WCO will continue to engage positively with APEC by ensuring synergy between the work of both parties,” he added.

This year, under the chairmanship of the Russian Federation, the WCO has participated in a number of APEC meetings including the Committee on Trade and Investment, the Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures, and the Market Access Group.

Furthermore, the WCO has been invited to join seminars and workshops hosted by APEC, such as the Supply Chain Connectivity Workshop in Kathan, Russian Federation held in May 2012, and a Regional Workshop on the Single Window that will take place this October in Melaka, Malaysia.