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Valuation Workshop in Serbia

21 abril 2014

The WCO recently conducted a workshop for Serbian Customs on Customs valuation. The workshop was conducted in two parts; the first two days were attended by Customs personnel from both headquarters and operational sections and covered valuation methodology and practical issues. The second part of the workshop was aimed at valuation specialists and representatives of risk management and post-clearance audit sections. A number of complex valuation topics and cases were discussed, including issues relating to multi-nationals such as transfer pricing and royalties as well as specific cases raised by Serbian Customs.

The practical challenges of effective valuation controls were discussed; it was acknowledged that post-clearance audit, supported by a strong risk management programme, provided the most efficient mechanism in this regard. The recommendations developed under the WCO’s Revenue Package programme were explained during the workshop.

Also covered in the workshop was the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation which has many implications for Customs administrations and is relevant to Customs valuation controls.