WCO Secretary General highlights the contribution of Customs to fighting illegal wildlife trade

14 febrero 2014

At the invitation of the UK Government, Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya spoke at the Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, held in London on 13 February 2014. The British Royal Family was present at the opening together with high-level representatives of 46 countries, including four heads of state and the heads of eleven international organizations. On the previous day, the UK Government organized a reception at the Natural History Museum where it displayed Customs seizures and contributions in this area.

Secretary General Mikuriya highlighted the contributions and experiences of Customs, referring to projects such as GAPIN, and the need for political will including an adequate legal framework, resources for training and partnerships with competent authorities and the private sector (see attached speech).

The Declaration agreed at the Conference sends a strong message of commitment by the international community, particularly in support of African countries that bear the brunt of the illegal trade in wildlife and suffer detrimental economic, social and environmental consequences. It emphasizes "Strengthening law enforcement" that calls for a strong and coordinated enforcement response.