Leadership and Management Development a priority of Qatar Customs

10 marzo 2014

Doha, 16-27 February 2014

Aiming to develop the leadership and management skills of senior and middle managers and to provide them with the tools needed to use their knowledge to effect change in practice, the World Customs Organization was requested, by the Director General of Qatar Customs, to deliver a national 10-day Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop.

The LMD Workshop took place in Doha, from 16 to 27 February 2014, and was attended by 16 middle and senior managers from headquarters, seaport and airport Customs directorates. The event was facilitated by two colleagues from the WCO Secretariat and entirely self-funded by Qatar Customs.

During the workshop, participants were exposed to relevant aspects of leadership, visioning, people management, delegation, motivation, negotiations, communications, promotion of integrity, diversity management and change management. Special attention was given to self-reflection and personal development of the participants, as a way to encourage them to develop their individual leadership qualities.

Realizing the significance of Leadership and Management Development as key to successful Customs development, the Deputy Director General of Qatar Customs Authority on behalf of his administration expressed sincere gratitude to the WCO for its continuing support.