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WCO Capacity Building regional structures renewed their commitment to support Members

25 febrero 2015

Prior to the 6th Capacity Building Committee and the 14th Integrity Sub-Committee, representatives from the Regional Offices for Capacity Building (ROCBs), the Regional Training Centres (RTCs) and the Vice Chairs’ offices met on 19 and 20 February 2015 in Brussels for the 10th Global Meeting of the Heads of ROCBs, RTCs and Vice Chairs’ Offices. The main aim was to discuss how the WCO Secretariat and the various regional structures can effectively cooperate with each other to best address the capacity building needs of Members.

During the course of interactive discussion over two days, the meeting identified practical measures to support Members in analyzing, designing, coordinating, delivering, and following up Capacity Building activities. The importance of communication between regional entities and Members as well as between regional entities and the WCO Secretariat was highlighted.

One of the focuses of the meeting was ‘people,’ to foster strong people for strong organizations. In this regard, the meeting recognized the latest developments such as the WCO Framework of Principles and Practices on Customs Professionalism, the Virtual Customs Orientation Academy and the ongoing work on the People Development Diagnostic Tool to support Members’ efforts in planning and implementing strategic human resource management. Of equal importance is the pool of WCO-accredited experts which supports WCO capacity building activities and the meeting also exchanged information on state-of-the-art training facilities to support competency-based human resource policies. The participants reconfirmed their willingness to work closely with each other to ensure strategic and cohesive functioning and activities.