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Mission to assist Uganda Revenue Authority with the implementation of a performance measurement policy

13 octubre 2015

21-25 September

Having read the book Reform by Numbers, Measurement Applied to Customs and Tax Administrations in Developing Countries written in cooperation between the WCO and the World Bank, the Commissioner of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) requested assistance from the WCO to implement a performance measurement policy.

The Commissioner clarified the request and invited the WCO to explain the rationale of the approach and describe the aspects that are necessary for the implementation to be successful. The URA already has a performance measurement policy in place and is keen for the ASYCUDA/ASYPM innovation, which relies on quantifiable data, to enhance the existing policy and practice. He sees such information as vital for him to have a better overview of Customs operations, procedures and practices.

This dynamic approach to Customs reform enables the Head of a Customs administration to make quick decisions with regard to procedures, human resources and relations with stakeholders. A detailed report with concrete suggestions for the way forward was submitted to the URA.