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The WCO – WACAM project supports the Cape Verde Customs Administration to prepare for its first ever Time Release Study!

13 octubre 2015

As part of its efforts to effectively engage with Stakeholders and to measure its performance, the Cape Verde Customs Administration (CVCA) requested the support of the WCO (under the WCO WACAM project, financed by Sweden) in the planning and undertaking of a Time Release Study (TRS).

Building on the previous achievements of the CVCA under the WCO-WACAM project, the WCO delivered a workshop on the TRS from 28 September to 2 of October 2015 in Praia, Cape Verde. The workshop, held in Portuguese, benefited Customs Officials and stakeholders involved in the national Customs clearance process and allowed them to not only better understand the WCO TRS methodology but also to have a closer look at certain aspects of the national clearance process, especially related to the scanning of goods and the documentary control of Customs declarations. By the end of the workshop, the participants developed a joint action plan to carry out the TRS at the Port of Praia in the upcoming months that will involve both public and private sector agents.

Following the activity held in July 2015 in Praia whereby the WCO-WACAM Project supported Cape Verde with the establishment of its National Committee for Trade Facilitation (NCTF), this workshop also supported Cape Verde with the implementation of the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement (WTO TFA), as the undertaking of a TRS is encouraged in article 7.6 of the Agreement.

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