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WCO Mission to assist Swaziland Revenue Authority with the implementation of a performance measurement policy

13 octubre 2015

The Commissioner of Customs and Excise from Swaziland Revenue Authority (SRA) asked the WCO for support with the implementation of a performance measurement policy to enhance Customs efficiency and fight corruption. A WCO Mission went to Swaziland from 14-18 September 2015 to assess the situation and make suggestions for a successful implementation of performance measurement.

In this case performance measurement means analyzing the data contained in the automated Customs clearance system to identify issues with procedures and practices. During their visit the WCO representatives met with SRA senior officials, the Chamber of Commerce and Customs brokers. They also met with the ASYCUDA team, IT Division, Communication and HR. The WCO mission included visiting Ngwenya border post (South Africa) as part of the assessment.

One result of the mission was a report that defines the steps SRA will need to take to launch its performance measurement policy. Another result was the appointment of a Performance Measurement team. This mission was funded by Finland.