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Peru hosts a national workshop on the modernization of its Customs Laboratory

20 julio 2016

A WCO National Workshop on the modernization of the Customs Laboratory of Peru was held in the Laboratory in Lima (Callao), from 12 to 15 July 2016.

At the opening of the Workshop, the Director of the Callao "Maritima" Customs, Mr. Rafael Mallea Valdivia, highlighted the importance of a Customs Laboratory for the correct classification of certain commodities in the Harmonized System (HS). A wide range of topics related to the HS and Customs Laboratories were addressed and the participants were also thoroughly informed about several databases and documentation specifically designed for the day to day routine in a Customs Laboratory. The participants discussed relevant areas of analytic methodology, the modifications introduced in the chemical area of the Harmonized System (HS) 2017 edition, HS classification cases and considered the possibilities for the modernization of the Customs Laboratory in Peru. The role of the Customs Laboratory in the protection of mineral resources in Peru was emphasized by the participants. The Customs Laboratory of Peru is a well-equipped medium size laboratory that will be relocated to a new modern building next year when Peru is planning to implement a modern central Customs Laboratory in Lima (Callao).

The workshop was closed by Mr. Mallea Valdivia, who thanked the representative from the WCO Secretariat's Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate for facilitating the discussions on the modernization of Peru’s Customs Laboratory. In his remarks he also re-emphasized the importance of a Customs Laboratory for the correct and uniform classification of commodities in the HS and in the national Customs tariff and for the well-functioning of Peru Customs. He also stressed the importance of cooperation and networking between Customs Laboratories.