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The WCO conducts training on Operations Planning in Gabon

13 julio 2017

Under the auspices of the WCO-INAMA Project (funded by Sweden, US Department of State, GiZ and CITES Secretariat), a training on Operations Planning on CITES was held from 26th to 30th June 2017 in Libreville (Gabon). The aim of this training was to help Targeted Customs officials improve their capacity to draft an operational plan and conduct targeted Customs activities based on CITES.

This training was hosted by Gabon Customs General Directorate and attended by delegates from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Madagascar, the Republic of the Congo, and Togo. The opening ceremony was conducted by Mr. Jean Emmanuel NDOUTOUME, Gabon Customs and Indirect Taxation General Director. During his opening speech, Mr. Ndoutoume reaffirmed the determination of Gabon to continue its efforts to preserve its environment, ecosystem and biodiversity.

The training focused on assessing, evaluating and discussing the challenges the African continent and the International community face in combatting the illicit trade in wildlife. The course was based on an alternation of experts’ frontal teaching, group exercises and experience sharing among participants.

This specific training was funded by the US Department of State.

For more information about this training and the WCO-INAMA Project, please contact the WCO-INAMA project manager, Marco Foddi (