National Workshop on Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (Jakarta, 5 - 8 Feburary)

16 febrero 2018

The WCO conducted a four day national workshop on Strategic Trade Contorl Enforcement (STCE) in Jakarta from 5th to 8th February, 2018. The event was supported by experts from Indonesian Customs, US Department of Energy and  the US Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program. This workshop was the eighteenth national STCE workshop delivered by WCO since 2016. The workshop was attended by thirty officials of Indonesian Customs with varied strategic trade control enforcement experience. The event was opened by Mr. Robert Leonard Marbun, Director International and Public Affairs of Indonesian Customs who emphasized the need for capacity building within Customs to cope with new and complex challenges relating to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

During workshop the participants were introduced to the concepts and principles related to STCE; they were familiarized with dual use commodities and were also provided opportunities to undertake practical exercises and group discussions.

Facilitating national STCE workshops is one of the major components of the WCO’s STCE Programme which supports the global customs community in building capacity to enforce strategic trade controls in an effective and efficient manner. The STCE Programme is committed to conducting more national training workshops in the future. To enquire about hosting an event in your administration and for additional information please contact Adam Vas, STCE Programme Coordinator,