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WCO Leadership and Management Development Workshop in Alexandria, Egypt

16 abril 2019

As part of Capacity Building, WCO organized a Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop from 03 to 14 March 2019 for 20 senior managers from the Egyptian customs authority (ECA), in Alexandria, Egypt. The LMD was held at the National Customs Training (NCT) Institute - World Customs Regional Training CentrE for North Africa and the Near and Middle East, and organized in partnership with the Institute. The workshop was funded by China. The overall objective of the two-week interactive workshop was to strengthen senior management’s capacity to lead and drive reforms within the ECA.

In his opening speech, Dr. Tarek Al-Azab, Head of the Central Administration of the (NCT) Institute, emphasized the importance of this workshop in supporting the reform and modernization efforts of ECA, and in aligning the visions of its various components with the organizational vision.

Senior managers from various departments and units of ECA participated in the workshop. They were active and committed throughout the workshop. A wide range of topics on personal and organizational development were covered such as leadership, integrity, gender and equality, negotiations, people management, personal communication and change management. The workshop highlighted the importance of leadership and management skills, as well as the responsibilities of individual managers, to drive modernization and change within their personal life and at work.

Throughout the workshop, many of the current and future challenges of ECA were discussed. Participants, while sharing their work experience, identified procedures and practices to be improved in the future. They also presented significant change initiatives aiming at developing certain areas within ECA. The workshop ensured for a high level of interaction and participation, especially on subjects that touched on personal life and personal experiences.

For many, the workshop offered an opportunity to assess their personal and managerial skills and approaches in their work environment. Feedback emphasized the importance of attributes such as self-awareness, leadership, communications and people management.

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