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Oman host a WCO Regional Workshop on Customs Laboratories for the MENA Region

21 febrero 2019

Under the sponsorship of CCF China, the WCO organised a Regional Workshop on Customs laboratories for the benefit of MENA region members.

The Workshop was held in Muscat (Oman) from 3 to 7 February 2019.  Twenty participants from 14 Member administrations of the region participated in the Workshop, as well as two experts from China Customs.

In his opening remarks, Colonel Dr. Said Al Ghaithi, Deputy Director of Customs, welcomed all participants and stressed the importance of the analysis work carried out by Customs laboratories in relation to revenue collection, the protection of society and the environment, as well as trade facilitation.

During the Workshop, participants learned about the WCO and its mission, the role and the establishment of a Customs laboratory, the Customs Laboratory Guide, sampling procedures, different types of controlled substances, safety and security issues and the management of Customs laboratories through ISO 17025.  The second part of the Workshop was devoted to discussing the classification of products of Sections V, VI and VII and the HS-2017 and ongoing 2022 amendments in regard to the chemical sector.

Participants shared information on their Customs laboratories and classification infrastructures.  They emphasized the importance of Customs laboratories for achieving Customs missions, such as revenue collection and border enforcement of controlled substances by providing analytical results.  The WCO representative invited participants to make use of the knowledge, the experience shared and the network that had been established to enhance the work of their Customs laboratories using a regional approach.

In his closing speech, Colonel Khalifa Al Siyabi, Director General of Oman Customs, complimented WCO for its continued support and for its initiative to conduct this regional Workshop that will enhance the knowledge in the region.