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Successful Diagnostic Mission of Sudan Customs Training System

09 enero 2019

Recognizing the strategic importance of the training and competency development process in the completion of its strategic objectives, and the particular importance of these objectives to the modernization of its training system, the Director General (DG) of Sudanese Customs requested technical assistance from the WCO to realize these objectives.  With the generous support of the Euro Customs fund, the WCO conducted a diagnostic mission in Khartoum, Sudan, from December 23 to 30, 2018, to assess the Sudanese Customs training system. 

The main objective of this mission was to carry out a diagnosis of the current state of the training system and to review the extent to which it aligns with current international best practices, identify gaps, determine priorities and recommendations for the way forward.  To accomplish this, WCO experts utilized used a holistic methodology to collect data from the training system. First, they conducted the short version of the WCO People Development Diagnostic Tool (PDDT) and a review of the strategic training documents (training strategy, training procedures, 2017 and 2018 training plan, etc.). Then they held meetings with all internal and external stakeholders as well as with officials responsible for the training system.

At the closeout session with the senior management on the final day of the mission, the experts made a presentation on the overall state of the training system and recommendations for improvement according to international best practices. To strategically drive Sudanese’ training modernization, a roadmap covering all activities was drafted and submitted to the top management for endorsement.  In the coming year, the WCO experts will provide remote support to assist the training modernization team to finalize the design of the competency-based approach training system.

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