RILO WE presented this years "REVIEW OF DRUG SEIZURES AT AIRPORTS AND MAIL CENTERS 2018" at the Annual meeting of the Council of Europe – Pompidou Airports Group

10 julio 2019

The annual REVIEW OF DRUG SEIZURES AT AIRPORTS AND MAIL CENTERS, written by RILO Western Europe analysts, is one of the main products in a long-term collaboration between the RILO Western Europe and the Council of Europe – Pompidou Group. The analysis contained in the report is based on the collection of data from the WCO Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) and additional seizure data provided by the Pompidou Airports Group members.

The main objectives of the Pompidou Airports Group , which includes  police, customs, border forces and other law enforcement officers worldwide, is to develop and harmonise tools and systems to improve drug detection in European airports. The group meets once a year and serves primarily as a forum for the exchange of practical and operational practice on drug trafficking through commercial aviation. The overall objective of this annual meeting is to reduce illicit trafficking through improved controls, risk management and profiling, detection and investigation activities by increasing the knowledge across major airports based on risk assessment, awareness raising, exchange of information, sharing of best practices and networking through multidisciplinary cooperation.

In June 2019, the 2018 report was present at the annual meeting of the Pompidou Airports Group in Strasbourg/France. This year's report revealed new trends and practices on drug trafficking that provide vital information for the day-to-day work of LEA officials at airports / mail centres and in the intelligence hubs.

The report is for official use only and can be requested at