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The WCO supports the establishment of a pool of trainers within Jordan customs

30 julio 2019

A national Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Workshop was conducted from 9 to 18 July 2019 in RTC Amman, Jordan for the benefit of 20 trainers from Jordan Customs.  The objective of this workshop was to develop a national pool of skilled trainers in the different technical and managerial areas, in order to enhance their training delivery techniques and to prepare them to disseminate high-quality training. This event was funded by the CCF Euro customs.

During the workshop, the WCO competency-based TOT training material was used with a focus on methodologies and techniques to deliver training. Participants were given an opportunity to explore important topics in connection with training such as competency-based training, the training cycle, the adult learning cycle, training design, training delivery techniques and training evaluation methods.

The workshop adopted a practical and participatory approach where the participants and facilitators worked together through group exercises, simulations and role-play. The last day of the workshop was dedicated to provide participants with individual feedback on their performance as trainers.

By engaging in the ToT workshop, the participants committed to be actively involved in delivering training and to provide feedback on their training practice. The participants were encouraged to pursue their efforts in performing as trainers in the next few months and deliver national training. The Director of training has made a commitment to work with participants in order to monitor and evaluate their progression in terms of training techniques.

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