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WCO supports Benin with the implementation of an AEO programme

11 julio 2019

The WCO conducted a National Workshop on AEO programme for Benin in Cotonou from 24 to 26 June 2019. The Workshop was aimed at enhancing Benin Customs’ technical capability to enhance and effectively implement an AEO programme.

At the opening of the Workshop, Mr. Charles Inoussa Sacca Boco, Director General of Benin Customs, stressed the importance of the AEO concept for the modernisation of Benin Customs, presented the committee in charge of AEO implementation, and assured high-level management support for the project.

Benin is in the process of planning the implementation of an AEO programme. To this end, an AEO Committee has been established for developing a national AEO programme in line with the SAFE Framework of Standards and related implementation tools and guidelines.

Currently, Benin Customs is actively preparing for the implementation of the programme. It has also created an AEO working group consisting of all stakeholders in the international supply chain and defined a timeline for implementing a pilot phase by outlining different actions to be undertaken.

A WCO expert together with Benin Customs officers analysed various steps envisaged to achieve the objective of implementing an efficient and effective AEO programme. Detailed information on the overall AEO authorisation process, in particular the phases relating to the application management as well as the authorisation management was presented and discussed in the context of the current national situation.

Participants developed a deep understanding of the WCO SAFE Package including the AEO implementation Guidance and associated tools. The steps planned by the Benin AEO Committee were analysed, and several suggestions for potential improvements were elaborated by the WCO expert and participants.

Benin is strongly committed to pursuing the planned objectives and associated activities. A pilot programme will be implemented soon. It is expected that a full operational AEO programme will be in place in a two-year time. The WCO will continue providing all the necessary assistance that may be required going forward.