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Americas and Caribbean region develops a pool of AEO validation trainers

07 junio 2019

The World Customs Organization (WCO), with support from the Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea (CCF/Korea) and the Peruvian National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT), organized a ‘Train-the-Trainers Workshop on AEO Validation’ for the Americas and Caribbean (AMS) Region from 27 to 30 May 2019 in Lima, Peru. Over 30 AEO experts from 23 countries of the Region participated in the Workshop.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Rafael Garcia, Superintendent of SUNAT highlighted some of the regional initiatives on the implementation of AEO programmes and mutual recognition arrangements/agreements (MRAs) and underlined the need for further standardization and harmonization of AEO programmes in the Region. To that end, he thanked the WCO for its timely support by organizing this Workshop.

The Workshop launched the WCO AEO validation training course to train AEO experts from the Region, primarily on topics relating to AEO validation and management, both from a theoretical, as well as a practical perspective.

The WCO and US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) experts explained each of the AEO Validators Training Modules, guiding participants through each construct of the overall validation process namely pre-validation, on-site validation and post-validation. Throughout the Workshop the emphasis was on practical aspects of AEO validations, in particular security validations, associated challenges and solutions, supported by working experiences and case studies.

Participants actively involved in group exercises and exchanged views on different scenarios. Participants also shared their respective countries’ AEO validation practices and initiatives. Additionally, they had an opportunity to observe an in-field re-validation process of a Peruvian AEO company.

The AMS Region already has 19 AEO operational AEO programmes and some other programmes are at different stages of development/enhancement. Members of the Region have also signed several MRAs including two plurilateral MRAs.

Being first of its kind, this Workshop, designed for AEO validators, helped national experts from the Region enhance their knowledge and skills concerning AEO validation, authorization and post-authorization management. It has deepened participants’ technical understanding of the AEO validation process supported by practical examples for harmonized and standardized implementation. These trainers are expected to carry out similar training sessions within their Customs administrations, as may be required, to build and enhance organizational capacities with regard to AEO validation and management, in particular security validations.

Going forward, based on the needs of Members the WCO intends to conduct similar workshops in other WCO regions for expanding the pool of trainers on AEO validation around the world.