WCO National Workshop on HS Classification in Georgia

17 junio 2019

Under the sponsorship of the WCO Reserve Fund, a WCO National Workshop on the HS Classification was held in the headquarters of the Georgia Revenue Service (GRS) in Tbilisi, from 3 to 7 June 2019, with a view to assisting the GRS in increasing institutional capacity to carry out classification work and in developing a core team of classification experts.

The Workshop focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of tariff classification in line with the needs expressed by the GRS.  18 Customs officers in charge of tariff classification attended the week-long training and were thoroughly informed about the WCO Guidelines on Customs Infrastructure for Tariff Classification, the HS Convention, the HS Nomenclature and various HS tools, and the General Interpretative Rules and practicalities of HS classification, to ensure correct and uniform application of the HS.

The participants also had an opportunity to have discussions with the WCO experts regarding a number of individual classification issues which often create difficulties, including food supplements and medicaments, chemical preparations, and medical appliances and furniture.  The participants were actively involved in the discussions and were able to obtain satisfactory solutions to most questions.

The Workshop provided the participants with useful knowledge of the principles and practical applications of the HS which will aide them in their day-to-day classification work, and enabled the GRS to expand its pool of HS experts.