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Capacity Building in Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) to conduct Time Release Study (TRS)

13 febrero 2020

Following the development of a Mercator Implementation Plan for Rwanda, the WCO delivered a Time Release Study (TRS) mission in Kigali during the period 28 November to 06 December 2019. The mission aimed at enhancing the capacities of the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) to conduct a TRS at the Rusumo One-Stop Border Post (OSBP) between Rwanda and Tanzania. 

After meeting relevant officials from the RRA and other border agencies, a national TRS workshop was held in Kigali on 02 December 2019 with participation from Customs, other concerned border agencies and representatives from the private sector. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to enhance their knowledge in the TRS methodology and the importance of using the TRS as a strategic tool to establish baseline times for cargo clearance and release. Participants also increased their understanding of how to use the TRS tool to objectively monitor performance at the border. As a part of the mission, a TRS working group within the RRA was also set up and were provided training on how to plan and execute a successful TRS. 

Meetings were also held with the private sector stakeholders to gather information on common bottlenecks that can cause delays in the cargo clearance and release process. These meetings provided valuable information that will help the RRA-TRS working group to plan and effectively conduct the TRS in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The mission also included a field visit to the Rusumo OSBP where the clearance and release process was observed. This visit provided an opportunity for the TRS working group to effectively apply the knowledge gathered during the workshop and the training sessions. 

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