Completion of the WCO-Japan Career Development Programme 2019/2020

03 julio 2020

The WCO-Japan Career Development Programme (CDP) for 2019/2020 ended with a ceremony at which the Professional Associates (PAs) were awarded with certificates by the WCO Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, to mark their successful completion of the Programme.

The PAs, assigned to WCO Headquarters under the CDP, reported on the results of their 10-month research projects to WCO senior management in June.  Each of the 10 PAs undertook research into different Customs-related issues: some of them studied topics of global importance currently being examined by various WCO committees, while others focused on subjects that would add practical value to their home administrations as well as to other Customs administrations facing similar situations.

The CDP was launched by the WCO in 2009, in cooperation with Japan Customs.  It provides a unique opportunity for selected candidates to carry out work at the WCO Secretariat and is aimed at enabling the nominated specialists to gain knowledge, skills and international work experience; at developing and enhancing networks among WCO Members and the Secretariat; at enriching the WCO’s research activities in order to support and assist the Secretariat in its mission and tasks; and at developing a pool of highly competent officials with specialized expertise in WCO Member administrations.

As part of the CDP 2019/2020 which commenced in September 2019, Customs officials from Angola, Burundi, Egypt, Gambia, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Maldives, Namibia, Paraguay, Thailand and Uzbekistan worked at the WCO Secretariat on a number of projects and activities.  The contribution by these PAs has enabled the relevant WCO Members to enhance their communication with the Secretariat and has also added to the diversity of the Secretariat’s staff.

At the end of the certificate ceremony, Dr. Mikuriya expressed his satisfaction at the quality of the work produced by the PAs and, in particular, at the outstanding results achieved during the course of their research, which he felt would add value to the Organization and to the Customs community as a whole.  Secretary General Mikuriya highlighted the unique experience that the current class of PAs had acquired, including working alongside WCO colleagues to develop guidance and assist the Customs community in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He encouraged the PAs to stay in touch with the Secretariat after returning to their home administrations and thus strengthen the global Customs network.