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Lesotho Revenue Authority takes positive steps towards a modern HRM system

07 julio 2020

Having benefited from the first phase of the WCO Executive and Professional Competency-Based Human Resource Management Programme (EPCB-HRMP) in January 2020, the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) has since initiated the implementation of an ambitious HRM modernization work plan with the support of the WCO.

Since January 2020, the LRA has committed to adopting the competency-based HRM approach as recommended by the WCO and has established its cross-cutting HRM modernization working group. This working group has also undertaken preliminary work to develop the competency-based tools, including the Competency Framework and the Competency dictionary. It is against this backdrop that the WCO delivered from 30 June to 03 July 2020 a tailored on-line capacity-building mission benefitting LRA’s HRM modernization Working group. 

This virtual mission aimed at assisting the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) in increasing its institutional capacity to further modernize its HRM system, as per the recommendations set out in the WCO HRM programme.  The e-workshop brought together twenty one (21) high-level officers from all LRA departments including a representative from the labour union. During the virtual sessions, the discussion focused on (i) the effective use of the Competency-based HRM tools (ii) the design of competency-based HR processes; and (iii) the need to ensure both strategic alignment and operational coherence. A session was also dedicated to present and explain the WCO tool on “workload analysis study”.

Thanks to this initiative, the members of the LRA HRM Working group are now further equipped to finalize the Competency-based HRM tools and design the competency-based HRM processes. 

With LRA’s top management strong commitment to HRM modernization and the quality of the HRM modernization group’s work, the WCO is confident that LRA can succeed in its HRM reform and become a regional champion in the SACU region if both commitment and efforts are sustained.

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