Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) focuses on HS-related WCO Council recommendations

22 julio 2020

The Harmonized System (HS) has long been recognised as one of the most important trade facilitation instruments developed by the WCO. It brings down frontiers creating not only a single global standard, but a true common language of international trade. To further strengthen the HS and support its uniform interpretation and application, the WCO Council has adopted a wide range of HS-related recommendations, encouraging Members to implement them.

These recommendations were in the spotlight of the national workshop that was conducted jointly by the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the EU-WCO HS-Africa Programme on 9 July 2020, in the form of an online meeting. The workshop brought together a team of senior managers and experienced specialists in charge of tariff matters within the LRA as well as WCO experts to have a comprehensive exchange of views on the prospects of the implementation of several HS-related recommendations by Liberia.

During the discussion particular attention was placed on the recommendation related to the improvement of tariff classification work and related infrastructure (1998), which is of paramount importance in that it sets up an overarching framework for modernization efforts and strategies in terms of overall organization of tariff classification work.

The examination of the standards included in the recommendation was based on a self-assessment that the LRA had conducted in advance of the workshop. Some gaps were identified and concrete measures were agreed upon, to be implemented by the LRA in partnership with the WCO in the context of the EU-WCO HS-Africa Programme over the coming months.

Among other recommendations discussed during the workshop were on the introduction of programmes for binding pre-entry classification information (1996), on the insertion in national nomenclatures of subheadings for specific products, and on the application of the HS Committee decisions (2001). A work plan has been established for cooperation between the LRA and the WCO with a set of activities to provide tailor-made technical assistance.

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