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Two webinars on STCE Risk Management and Targeting

10 noviembre 2020

Following multiple requests from member administrations and participants to Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) trainings, the STCE Programme organized two webinars focused on Risk Management and Targeting, with the help of STCE experts from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the United Kingdom Border Force.

On the first day, the participants were walked through the Canadian national risk management system and focused in particular on strategic export control, with the support of numerous practical examples and case studies which helped the attendees to better understand the procedures described. On the second day Officers from the UK Border Force Counter Proliferation Team from their office in the Heathrow Airport, explained the background documentation and legal framework used in their home administration to develop risk management profiles in the area of STCE and continued by providing the audience with various case studies and examples.

The 185 officers from 45 Customs Administrations around the globe who attended the webinars showed a big interest in the subject; they in fact asked several questions throughout the two days and answered the quizzes and polls proposed by the speakers, which generated a very lively discussion.

The WCO has received very good feedback from the participants to the webinars, as for example Mr. Emmanuel Anton’s comment: “Let me thank you on behalf of Sri Lanka Customs for organizing a wonderful STCE webinar for us. My special thanks goes to the STCE team and the three knowledgeable experts in this field who shared their valuable time with us. I look forward to future similar events”. Numerous requests to hold other sessions on the same subject in different languages have also been received; the STCE team is already working on this idea and it is planning to organize similar webinars in Arabic,French, Spanish and Russian in the following few months.