The WCO guide for a successful transition to Live Virtual Training is now available

22 abril 2021

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is pleased to announce the publication of the EnglishFrench and Arabic versions of the “WCO Guide for a successful transition to Live Virtual Training”.

The Arabic translation of the guide has been funded by the Qatar General Authority of Customs to be a valuable source for MENA region countries.

During the 16th Global Meeting of Regional Structures (GMRSand the 12th Session of the Capacity Building Committee (CBC), Members commended the WCO for a well designed and very useful guide to support Customs Human Resources Management & Development (HRM&D) professional’s to effectively manage the response to the current and potential crises from an HRMD perspective. It is important to point out that GMRS’s and CBC’s delegates endorsed the guide. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide a set of strategies and techniques to support all Customs training professionals’ providers in making an effective and successful transition to virtual training and incorporating this mode of delivery into the training operating model appropriately.

It also aims to equip all training stakeholders who are new to organizing and delivering training in the virtual environment with tools and tactics to design and deliver effective and engaging learning opportunities within the virtual classroom. In particular, this guide provides a set of adjustments to instructor practice that tailors delivery to adults in the virtual environment. This set of adjustments is the not-so-obvious part of the change in delivery.

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive approach to synchronous virtual learning in an easy-to-follow, systematic format. It will focus on how actors involved in training can create a stimulating learning environment that empowers their learners to become accountable for their own learning, while demonstrating how they can achieve that aim without social interaction and physical communication signals in a virtual environment.

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