A Successful NCTF Meeting with Latin American Countries

08 febrero 2022

From 1 to 4 February 2022, the WCO, through the SECO-WCO Global Trade Facilitation Programme (GTFP), supported the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) in celebration of the Second Meeting of Latin American National Trade Facilitation Committees (NCTFs). This year’s edition was held within the framework of events from UNCTAD’s global forum for NCTFs.

Over 100 participants from the Public and Private Sector belonging to the NCFTs of their countries joined the multiple virtual sessions designed to exchange experiences, best practices, and discuss the main challenges that these bodies face in their endeavor to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Expedited Shipments, Transit, and Border Agency Cooperation were some of the topics covered during the meeting, based on the interests of the participating countries. The main takeaways from this meeting relate to the importance of further enhancement of the cooperation between the different border agencies and the representatives of the private sector to ensure effective trade facilitation. Also, there was highlighted the importance to monitor the TFA implementation and measure the performance of the initiatives within the NCTFs, to ensure its sustainability and overall success.

For more information, please, contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org.