WCO Bookshop: HS 2022 Explanatory Notes binders are now available!

04 febrero 2022

The Explanatory Notes of the Harmonized System 2022 edition (HS) are now available in paper format and can be ordered through our online Bookshop: www.wcoomdpublications.org.

The Explanatory Notes to the Harmonized System 2022 are tools developed by the Harmonized System Committee and adopted by the Council. They provide technical descriptions of goods and practical indications for the classification and identification of products. Even though they are not part of the HS Convention, they form the official interpretation of the HS Nomenclature at the international level and serve as a reference in today's world trade. 

The Explanatory Notes are packaged in five binders and also include a first leaflet of official amending supplements. After purchase, additional official amending supplements* will be sent to you throughout the HS 2022 cycle  after adoption and validation of corrigendum amendments of the Explanatory Notes by future sessions of the Harmonized System Committee. (*included in the initial price)

The Explanatory Notes and their amending supplements, are also available online on our WCO Trade Tools platform (www.wcotradetools.org/en/harmonized-system) via a subscription.

Who are we?

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