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Integrity: Mozambique Revenue Authority strengthens its training function

31 enero 2022

On 27 and 28 January, the WCO Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme conducted it very first workshop on the key role played by the training function as a vehicle to promote integrity.  Building upon a pre-workshop assignment, the two virtual sessions allowed training experts from the Mozambique Revenue Authority (AT) Training Directorate and Training Institute to share views, perspectives and best practices with WCO experts. Different components of the training function were for instance detailed, such as governance, corporate training plan, monitoring and evaluation, recruitment and onboarding of trainers.    

The workshop has offered the opportunity to the officials to leverage the strengths of their training function and bridge gaps on working collaboratively as an integrated network. The discussions also ensured that the training function operates a high-performing network that revolves around integration, collaboration, consistency, quality assurance, coordination, interdependence, and most importantly integrity. In addition, the participants and WCO experts also initiated a conversation on how to identify and take concrete training-related integrity measures in support of the AT integrity agenda.  

The reinforcement of their training function was identified as a priority under the A-CIP Programme and aligns with the Human resources management key factor of the WCO Revised Arusha Declaration. It was acknowledged by all participants that the reinforcement of the training function will provide AT with an increased organizational capacity to manage and support change in particular with regards to the fight against corruption and the promotion of integrity. 

The WCO A-CPI Programme currently supports over 20 countries in five of the six WCO regions, with funding from Norad and Canada. For more information, please, contact