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Virtual closing ceremony of the GTFP’s technical assistance in Guatemala

28 enero 2022

25 January 2022 marked the official ending of the SECO-WCO Global Trade Facilitation Programme (GTFP)’s Light-Touch Intervention in Guatemala. This collaboration with the Customs Administration of Guatemala (SAT) was initiated in 2020 and consisted of a short-term assistance, mainly focused on trade facilitation and enhancement through modern and efficient Customs procedures by complying with international standards and best practices, specifically the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC).

This official virtual closing ceremony was attended by the Director General of the Customs Administration of Guatemala, the Swiss Ambassador to Guatemala and SECO’s Headquarters who acknowledged in their respective interventions the important work achieved by the country in developing a roadmap for RKC accession.

In this regard, the parties expressed appreciation for the activities which have been successfully implemented in the country. In particular, Guatemala has successfully aligned its Customs procedures to the RKC which will contribute to reduce trade costs by up to 15%. The SAT is therefore now in compliance with the guidelines of the RKC and the Administration has initiated the internal process for the formal accession to this instrument.

In spite of the global difficulties caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic which has made all activities virtual, this fruitful and efficient collaboration between the SAT and the GTFP has allowed Guatemala to successfully pave its way towards modern, efficient and predictable Customs procedures in the country, in line with international best practices.

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