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The Customs Administration of DRC pivots towards a transparent and high-performance model through the implementation of a competency-based HRM system

23 marzo 2022

Recognizing the strategic importance of human capital in the process of improving operational efficiency, revenue collection, trade facilitation and transparency, the General Directorate of Customs and Excise of the Democratic Republic of Congo (GDCE-DRC) attaches particular importance to the design and the effective implementation of a modern and competency-based HRM system. As part of the activities of the agreed HRM modernization roadmap previously developed, the WCO successfully delivered a 10 days expert advisory mission from March 07 -18, 2022 in Kinshasa, DRC.

His Excellency the Minister of Finance of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Vice-Chair of the WCO-WCA region, the Director General of the GDCE and the Deputy Director of the Capacity Building Directorate of WCO personally oversaw the successful kick-off and closing of the mission that engaged 24 GDCE senior officials including the president of the union that constitute the HRM working group during its deliberations. The objectives of this mission were to: (i) validate the competency-based HRM tools that have been developed by the team with the support of WCO through 2 virtual missions, (ii) launch the communication and change management activities related to HRM modernization internally and externally, and (iii) initiate the competency assessment exercise at the selected pilot site, namely the Customs Office at Kinshasa International Airport.

In his opening address, His Excellency Mr. Nicolas Kazadi Minister of Finance outlined the importance of investing in human capital as it is the most crucial and strategic asset of the organization. His Excellency highly welcomed and fully supported the implementation of a modern HRM system in Customs as a key enabler to enhance the organizational performance and fight corruption and unethical practices. He underlined that this initiative will be widespread to all departments of the Ministry of Finance where GDCE will be expected to assume a leadership role for the HRM modernization efforts. As for the vice-president of the WCO-WCA region, Dr. Guénolé MBONGO KOUMOU, he underlined the critical role of human capital in the context of operationalizing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which requires the development of a new customs culture based on people and professionalization. He emphasized that the lack of strategic human resources management and documented operational practices and procedures undermines the performance and transparency of Customs Administrations in the region. He concluded that the key element to achieving Customs missions, fighting corruption and promoting integrity is the execution of an ambitious HRM modernization programme.

The mission met its objectives by achieving the following outputs: (i) Finalization and validation of all Competency-based HRM tools, (ii) Alignment of the organizational structure and organization chart with international standards and best practices, (iii) Initiation of the development of a manual of procedures and an HR information system (iv) communication and change management sessions successfully conducted in the pilot site (airport) with the participation of over 300 staff. The mission also recalled key elements of the Revised Arusha Declaration related to the critical role of human capital management and practices in promoting integrity and preventing corruption in a Customs environment.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Blandine KAWANDA, Director General of the DGCE thanked WCO for the valuable support and reaffirmed her commitment to successfully modernize HRM with the support of the WCO to become a champion in the region.

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