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The Malawi Revenue Authority is ready to adapt the Competency Based Human Resource Management System

26 mayo 2022

In the framework of the WCO Executive and Professional Competency-Based HRM Programme (EPCB-HRMP) and support from the Sida-WCO Trade Facilitation and Customs Modernization Programme (Sida-WCO TFCM Programme), the third capacity building mission was conducted  to support the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on developing the Competency-Based Human Resource Management (CBHRM) System. The follow-up mission delivered direct assistance to guide the ongoing work of the MRA Human Resource Management Working Group (HRMWG), from 2nd to 6th May 2022, in Zomba City and Blantyre respectively.

To that end, the HRM Modernization Working Group (HRMWG) which is a multi-disciplinary group of twenty-one (21) MRA officers, progressed on the finalization and validation of the Competency- based HRM System tools. The members of the HRMWG actively participated in the sessions and exhibited a high level of commitment and a sense of ownership to ensure the development of the tools and the implementation of the CBHRM system. In addition, the WCO member experts shared their expertise in the CBHRM based on experience and through their presentations.

The last day of the workshop brought together members of the MRA Steering Committee (SC) and the HRMWG into one session which provided an opportunity for the HRMWG to present the progress on the project activities to the SC. These included the action plans to complete pending activities, and the communication strategy, approved by the Commissioner-General. The newly appointed Director of the Human Resource Division expressed his excitement and stressed how the implementation of the approach will enhance the HRM processes and empower the HRD to become strategic, thereby improving the professional relationship between the HRD and the Executive Team. During this time, individual members of the SC elaborated their understanding of the CBHRM and vowed to continue playing their roles.

Though the sessions were intense, the interactions and efforts provided by the Working Group was impressive and provides assurance that the Malawi Revenue Authority is poised and set to implement the Competency-based Human Resource Management System.

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