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The New Online AEO Compendium website is launched!

03 noviembre 2022

The WCO is thrilled to announce that the new Online AEO Compendium (OAC) has been launched and can be found at

With the financial support from Dubai Customs and the Customs Cooperation Fund Korea (CCF/Korea), the new OAC will replace the current annual AEO Compendium compilation and publication processes.

It is worth highlighting the advantages of the OAC compared to the paper-based AEO Compendium.  These advantages include:

  • Members have dedicated access rights, making it easy to input, update, validate and manage their information in real-time;
  • Replacing the free text information with structured information making it possible to search through, harmonize and eliminate duplications;
  • Enabling new ways to view, understand and analyze AEO- and MRA-related information at multiple levels, including globally, by WCO region and by Member;
  • Offering flexibility and the ability to process, manage and analyze information efficiently and effectively through a standardized data management structure, resulting in a timely and high-quality publication; and,
  • Saving time and resources as a result of automated workflows.

At the 28th SAFE Working Group Meeting, WCO Members and private sector representatives praised the excellent work carried out in the development of the OAC website and highlighted the usefulness of this platform. It was emphasized that now the AEO related information can be updated by Members as frequently as possible at the same time allowing the website to remain publicly available and user-friendly for all interested parties.

If you have any questions related to OAC website, please feel free to contact the WCO AEO team via