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WCO supports Barbados Customs and Excise Department in revamping its organizational structure through the implementation of a Competency- Based HRM System

09 noviembre 2022

The Barbados Customs and Excise Department (BCED) has been engaged in a vast technical reform and modernization programme aiming to improve operational efficiency and governance, revenue collection, trade facilitation and stakeholders’ engagement. To support BCED achieve these milestones through people, the WCO, with the financial support of the CCF China, under the flagship of its Executive and Professional Competency-Based HRM Programme (EPCB-HRMP), conducted an expert advisory mission on the competency-based HRM approach from October 31-November 4, 2022 in Bridgetown Barbados.

This follow-up mission focused on supporting the BCED HRM working group to finalize the development of competency-based HRM tools and to maximize positive outcomes by conducting internal and external change management activities to successfully implement a transparent and competency-based HRM System (CBHRMS).  

BCED, with the support of the Barbados Ministry of Finance, is committed to developing the autonomy necessary for it to establish an HRM unit capable and enabled to manage staff according to the best practices in the field of HRM.  In addition, it is committed to completely restructuring its organization and naming conventions in order to align itself according to international standards and best practices. BCED appreciates the importance of culture and fostering a sense of belonging and pride for its Customs employees. Through the CBHRM process, it is committed to developing a career path for a new generation with a focus on transparency and integrity embedded in all of its HR processes.

BCED achievements to date have demonstrated their continued desire to cultivate a modern customs organization.  Their commitment to the CBHRM process is evidenced through their attention to change management activities, including promoting awareness and holding focus groups with employees to ensure they obtain the necessary support and buy-in from everyone along the way. Throughout the communication and change management sessions, BCED’s Staff exhibited high enthusiasm and commitment to the new HRM System because it will support their internal growth, specifically in the areas of recruitment, promotional and rotation processes, training and development and integrity. 

At the end of the mission, the WCO experts met with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Civil Services to discuss the mutual expectations and way forward. During this meeting, the WCO experts stressed the importance of establishing an HRMD Directorate, implementing the proposed organizational structure and driving this reform through a project-based. Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance expressed her appreciation to the WCO for the critical support. He  emphasized the timeliness of the support and how it will add value to the modernization programme. As a means to see the HRM Programme succeed, the Minister has committed to providing the necessary support to BCED to generalize this approach to the departments of the Ministry of Finance.

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