Joint WCO/ICAO Brochure

In July 2012, both the ICAO and WCO Secretaries General decided to enhance the understanding of each other’s work through the production of a Joint Brochure introducing the principal factors of the international air supply chain, with an emphasis on air cargo security and facilitation from both Civil Aviation and Customs perspectives. The WCO Council in June 2013 took note of the Joint WCO/ICAO Brochure – Moving Air Cargo Globally, which was presented at the 38th ICAO Assembly in September 2013 by both Organisations' Secretaries General.

The Joint Brochure provides basic information to all those involved in the air supply chain who are interested in understanding the various security and facilitation measures implemented by ICAO and WCO Members. It also identifies the roles and responsibilities of various entities and highlights how they can work together effectively to secure air cargo and mail.