Integrity newsletter

The Word Customs Organization (WCO) offers its Members an opportunity to express themselves through its Integrity Newsletter. In this newsletter, Customs administrations can promote some of the measures they employ to combat corruption, innovative practices and initiative they undertake in that regard, initiate discussions on integrity issues, foster collaboration and peer learning a.

The Newsletter aims to provide timely and regular updates on WCO Members’ national activities related integrity in Customs as well as to connect domain experts from different countries, providing them with the opportunity to share their views on techniques and best practices with a wider audience.

The initiative to create a periodical newsletter was endorsed at the 9th Session of the WCO Integrity Sub-Committee (ISC). It was agreed to be published at least twice a year, depending on the volume of Members’ contributions. The 19th Edition of the Newsletter was published in June 2021.

WCO Members are encouraged to share short articles for publication, describing their respective “success stories” and new projects aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their integrity strategies.