ICAO - WCO Joint Conference on Enhancing Air Cargo Security and Facilitation

Date de d├ębut 16 avril 2014
Date de fin 17 avril 2014
Lieu Gulf Hotel, Manama, Bahrain


Enhancing Air Cargo Security and Facilitation 



Collaborative Solutions to future challenges


16 – 17 April 2014


Gulf Hotel, Manama, Bahrain


This Joint Conference is based on the close and efficient collaboration between ICAO, WCO and the Kingdom of Bahrain


To emphasize the commitment of the two organizations to cooperate with each other, the Secretaries General of ICAO and WCO will be participating in the Joint Conference and deliver keynote speeches.

The conference will heighten awareness among aviation security authorities, customs administrations and stakeholders of the challenges facing the global air cargo industry as well as their possible solutions.

Building on the achievements of the first Joint Conference hosted by Singapore in July 2012, which issued a Communiqué calling for new cooperative efforts by Customs and Civil Aviation Authorities, participants in Bahrain will focus on ways to further improve cooperation between authorities and with industry in order to strengthen aviation and border security while facilitating the flow of cargo.

Bahrain is lending its strong partnership and support for ICAO and WCO in their efforts to align their security standards on air cargo consignments and the facilitation of global air cargo movement. Bahrain as host of the Joint Conference and the two organizations are hoping that the outcomes from the deliberations will not only complement the on-going work of ICAO and WCO but help move forward the process and accelerate progress also at national level. Given the complexity, the sheer range and multiplicity of players involved in supply chains, as well as the fluidity across international borders that characterizes modern supply chains, Bahrain supports the holistic supply chain approach as the most practical and effective way to address cargo security and facilitation



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The Conference will comprise thematic presentations and panel discussions, with speakers from both the regulatory and industry realms. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of current international aviation trade issues, emerging security protocols and ways that stakeholders can work together to enhance aviation security and trade facilitation. The two-day event represents a unique opportunity to interact with senior policy makers, experts and practitioners from States and relevant international organizations, and is expected to identify common and plausible solutions for addressing security, safety, customs and facilitation concerns. 

Why Attend

The Joint Conference is an opportunity for participants to learn more about the successes and challenges of aviation security and customs authorities and industry in their efforts to secure air cargo, an important component of the global supply chain.

Participants will be able to hear from practitioners on their experiences in dealing with air cargo security and facilitation. The conference will focus on enhancing the coordination between aviation security, customs authorities and private sector partners to strengthen aviation and border security and enhance trade facilitation.

The establishment and maintenance of standards is essential, especially in securing the supply chain. This event will provide for guidance to support all stakeholders amidst a dynamic and changing international business environment.

Participants of the Joint Conference can also network with an outstanding array of international leaders in the realms of government and multilateral policymaking in the aviation and supply chain industries in a strategically-vital location and a major transportation hub.


Participation at the Joint Conference is only by registration and there are a limited number of seats.

There are no registration or participation fees to be paid by participants to attend the event. However, airfares and accommodation costs in Bahrain will have to be borne by participants.