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Cameroon Customs is taking steps to combat corruption and promote integrity within its administration

23 février 2010
Cameroon Customs is taking steps to combat corruption and promote integrity within its administration

5 to 11 February 2010

In 2009, the Directorate General of Cameroon Customs announced it was launching a project to enhance integrity within its administration. Following the establishment of a Joint Committee comprising members of the private sector and Cameroon Customs representatives, a decision was taken to set up a Project Team tasked with launching the “Project to Build Integrity and Good Governance”. The overall aim of this Project is to put in place measures stemming from the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) Arusha Declaration on combating corruption and promoting integrity in Customs.

The Project Team’s role is to conduct an analysis of the current integrity situation, identify shortcomings and potential solutions and produce and implement a draft plan. Cameroon Customs sought the WCO Secretariat’s assistance to approve and provide advice on the draft plan. An initial WCO expert mission to approve the plan and single out possible areas for co-operation took place in Yaoundé from 5 to 11 February 2010.

The mission afforded an opportunity to analyse the work done to date and set the project priorities. The experts noted considerable progress and a genuine desire to effect the changes required to safeguard integrity and ensure good governance within the Cameroon Customs Administration. These efforts will undoubtedly help attain the objectives and improve the organizational performance.

Over the coming months, and with the WCO’s support, Cameroon Customs will finalize its draft plan and be in a position to carry out specific activities focusing on performance management, the promotion of ethical behaviour, raising partners’ awareness of these issues and on communication and transparency. The WCO will offer sustained support on matters such as the internal audit, management training and leadership, and human resource management.

The WCO wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate Cameroon Customs on its unremitting efforts and its commitment to combating corruption and promoting integrity.