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WCO Supports the Development of a Competency-Based Customs Training Strategy and E-Learning Implementation in Rwanda

20 mars 2014

Within the framework of the WCO’s Capacity Building programme and in partnership with the Rwanda Revenue Authority, a technical workshop to refine the Rwanda Revenue Authority’s training strategy was held in Kigali between February 10 and 14, 2014.

This workshop provided an opportunity to further refine the Rwanda Revenue Authority’s inaugural training strategy, using key WCO tools such as the National Training Centre Guidelines, the PICARD Professional Standards and best practices from similar support in other administrations. While using the latest tools, standards and best practices from the global Customs community, the Rwanda Revenue Authority’s draft Training Strategy is uniquely tailored to the administration’s 2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan, including its core values of integrity, customer focus, transparency, professionalism, commitment and teamwork. By establishing the underlying policies and principles supporting the delivery of training, alongside the professional, operational and managerial competencies needed to deliver on the administration’s mandate, the Rwanda Revenue Authority is well-positioned to move forward with the implementation of modernized training tools, including e-learning, in keeping with its 2013 – 2016 Strategic Plan. These modernized training tools are expected to broaden the reach of national-level training, while increasing the consistency and professionalism of training delivery. It will also support the continued implementation of the East African Community Customs training curricula in a manner that supports further regional integration throughout the East African region.

With a training strategy in place, the Rwanda Revenue Authority is now positioned to be the latest beneficiary of the WCO’s e-learning platform, which provides administrations with leading-edge training material on a wide range of Customs topics. This flexible e-learning platform, which will be housed in Rwanda, will also allow the Rwanda Revenue Authority to develop its own unique content and to deliver innovative blended learning programs.

This workshop was made possible with the financial support of the World Bank through the Customs Capacity Enhancement in Sub Saharan Africa project.