Enhancing Human Resources Management Capacity of Sudan Customs

24 août 2017

As a follow-up of the national workshop that took place in December 2016 in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM), the chairman of Sudan customs Authority requested the World Customs Organization (WCO) to conduct a national workshop in Sudan, from 20 to 24 August 2017 in order to evaluate the work that was initiated early this year and make proposals to improve the HRM tools which have already been developed. The workshop was funded by HMRC and received support from WACAM project.

As a direct consequence of the first workshop, a working group has been set up and initiated the first steps towards the development of HRM strategy and policy as well as competency based HRM tools. A road map of next steps was established by the working group, along with a set of expected outcomes to achieve the HRM reform and modernization objectives.

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for the improvement and refreshment of knowledge and skills required in the fields of staff planning, job descriptions, competency framework, performance assessment and staff motivation and development. The event also focused on how to formulate well-drafted job descriptions as a critical recruitment, training and performance management tool. At the end of the workshop, a new road map was formulated in consultation with the working group with the aim at fine-tuning the existing HRM tools.

By the close of the workshop, participants were upbeat about the positive, productive atmosphere that characterized the five days. This was confirmed by the Chairman of Sudan Customs Authority, during the closing ceremony, who expressed his gratitude to the WCO for the valuable support provided to his Administration in all customs areas and particularly in the field of Human Resources Management.