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The WCO supports Libyan Customs in the reform of its HRM system

18 janvier 2017

A World Customs Organisation (WCO) capacity building mission was conducted from 26 to 30 December, 2016 in Tunis, Tunisia to help Libyan Customs reform its Human Resources function by adopting and implementing a competency based approach. This mission comes a few days after the visit of the WCO Secretary General to Libya to support Libyan Customs for post-conflict customs modernization.

The main objective of the workshop was to discuss the current situation of HRM and strengthen the capacity of the HR modernization team to develop the tools of the competency based approach (job catalogue, competency framework, job descriptions and competency dictionary).

During this mission, the HR modernization team was able to understand and acquire practical knowledge about how to develop a job catalog, a competency framework and job descriptions.  Discussions also concerned the strategic alignment of Human Resources with the organisation’s strategy. 

An action plan setting out all activities has been drawn up to drive the reform initiative. A continuous support will be provided by the WCO to help the HRM modernization team finalize the design of the competency based approach tools.