Strategic planning support mission for Libyan Customs

30 mai 2017

Upon request of Libyan Customs, a WCO support mission was conducted from 22 to 26 May 2017 in Tunis to help the administration draft its Strategic Plan taking due account of the WCO most essential instruments, as well as modern strategic planning methods. The mission was conducted with the financial support from CCF Japan.

The workshop provided an opportunity to familiarize participants with the methodologies and benefits of effective strategic planning and the development of appropriate Mission / Vision / Values and Strategic Goals / Objectives / Activities / Indicators. It offered also the occasion to provide advice and guidance on the development of a new long-term Strategic Plan that is aligned to core strategic priorities of the Government and the Customs administration.

During the five day workshop, discussions focused on the need to create a new strategic perspective to satisfy the requirements of modern Customs in the 21st Century. Particular attention was paid to results-based management to deliver customs modernization projects more effectively. The mission also touched upon the need to discuss the importance of organizational design and structure to avoid, among other things, confusion within roles and slow decision-making. Group discussions also covered principles of reporting, monitoring, evaluation and risk management.  

Overall, the workshop was successful in delivering methodology, processes and a draft strategic plan that provides direction for Libyan customs over the next 3-5 years.