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Container Control Programme provided Practical training on air Cargo Control in Sri Lanka

08 septembre 2017

From 28 August 2017 to 7 September 2017 Sri Lanka hosted a Practical Training on Air Cargo Control in the framework of the UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme (CCP) at Bandaranaike International Airport. The training was conducted by WCO and UK Border Force training experts. It was intended to support the future Air Cargo Control Unit (ACCU) at Colombo Airport

A total of 11 customs officers from Sri Lanka have participated to this practical training which also included a short training on aircraft search. Sri Lankan Airlines has supported this training and provided access to an aircraft for training purposes.

This training built up on the Theoretical Training which had been delivered and sought to deepen the knowledge of officials on modern risk-profiling techniques, security of the airside environment and other relevant aspects for Air Cargo Control as well as trade facilitation considerations.

Both the Sri Lankan participants and the training experts were very satisfied with the outcomes of the training and motivated to continue with the staged training concept applied by the CCP.

Currently, Air Cargo Control Units established in the framework of the CCP are operational in 4 countries; funding for 11 countries in total has been granted by the donors of this joint UNODC-WCO programme.

The implementation of the Container Control Programme in Sri Lanka is funded by the Government of USA.