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WCO Workshop on Risk Management held in Egypt

31 janvier 2020

The WCO organized a National Workshop on Risk Management in Alexandria, Egypt from 19 to 23 January 2020 with the financial support from the Customs Cooperation Fund “Euro customs”. The event was attended by 24 participants from different units within the Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA).   

The Workshop covered different elements of Risk Management (RM), including profiling and targeting techniques alongside intelligence support for RM. The Workshop also encompassed risk-based selectivity techniques related to postal/express consignments. Group assignments, practical exercises and case studies contributed to deepening the participants’ understanding of the topics covered. Each session was followed by a question and answer period on how to implement the theory and methodology explained in the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium.

During the last day of the Workshop, a report was drafted by the participants including an assessment of the RM system in place together with policy recommendations referring to the good practices highlighted during the Workshop.

The Workshop proved to be a very good opportunity for the ECA to strengthen its existing RM and adopt new approaches as a solid foundation for future operations involving RM, information exchange and intelligence.