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WCO supports Montenegro Customs with Risk Management before joining the EU

21 janvier 2021

Montenegro is in the process of joining the European Union (EU) and is currently preparing to address challenges encountered in the Customs domain. As part of its efforts to ensure that its processes and standards are aligned with international best practices, the Montenegro Customs Administration requested a WCO Risk Assessment and Selectivity Workshop, which was held virtually from 9 to 13 November 2020.

This five-day training event was made possible through sponsorship by the Korea Capacity Building Fund. The Workshop was aimed at strengthening the Customs Administration’s capacity in implementing intelligence-driven Risk Management and at enhancing the capabilities of Customs officers working in risk assessment, profiling and targeting.

Despite some constraints experienced by the Customs Administration due the COVID-19 pandemic, the event brought together 12 officers specialized in risk analysis and intelligence, post-clearance control and anti-smuggling as well as field officers from the Airport Terminal of Podgorica. The participants contributed in a highly interactive manner, raising various issues concerning the effective use of Risk Management methodology to improve the efficiency of controls and boost trade facilitation.

The participating officers shared their experiences during some of the Workshop sessions and stressed the value of using tangible examples in the training. Practical exercises offered an opportunity to discuss the benefits and importance of applying intelligence-driven Risk Management techniques in the officers’ day-to-day work.