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Successful Coordinated Border Management Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

31 mai 2023

The World Customs Organization (WCO) held a National Workshop on Coordinated Border Management (CBM) in Bangkok, Thailand, from 15 to 19 May 2023, following a request by the Royal Thai Customs Department. The Workshop was funded by the Customs Cooperation Fund of China (CCF China).

The workshop aimed to enhance implementation of the WCO CBM concept and was attended by twenty delegates from the Royal Thai Customs Headquarters and Customs Houses across Thailand on the Malaysian, Laotian and Cambodian borders.

This mission included sessions with Customs officers to review and address the specific needs of the Thai Customs in the area of CBM and covered such broad topics as border agency cooperation, Single Window, Customs Transit, paperless solutions for trade facilitation, TRS, plastic waste etc.  Specific areas of opportunity were identified to enhance CBM activities, whereby the WCO experts facilitated developing recommendations for the further implementation of the CBM concept in Thailand.

Additionally, participants visited Bang Klong Luk Border Checkpoint border checkpoint to assess existing CBM arrangements in the field.