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  • WCO PICARD Conference 2014

    A key aim of the annual PICARD Conference is to promote high-level exchanges on Customs research and professionalism, where participants are provided with an opportunity to interact with their government, commercial and academic counterparts from around the world.

    DATE: 17 сентября 2014 - 19 сентября 2014


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  • WCO Revenue Conference

    Over 120 participants travelled to the WCO from a broad array of countries, organizations and Customs administrations for the Conference.

    DATE: 30 июня 2014 - 01 июля 2014

    LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

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  • WCO Knowledge Academy 2014

    This initiative brings together the foremost experts in Customs matters to meet the demands of a complex international and cross-border trading system. In partnership with the Demos Group, Business professionals, Customs managers and administrators, border agency officials, international organization representatives and academia will benefit from the intensive interactive discussions of the most pertinent topics in the Customs environment today.

    DATE: 30 июня 2014 - 16 сентября 2014

    LOCATION: WCO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium

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  • ICAO

    ICAO - WCO Joint Conference on Enhancing Air Cargo Security and Facilitation

    Building on the achievements of the first Joint Conference hosted by Singapore in July 2012, which issued a Communiqué calling for new cooperative efforts by Customs and Civil Aviation Authorities, participants in Bahrain will focus on ways to further improve cooperation between authorities and with industry in order to strengthen aviation and border security while facilitating the flow of cargo.

    DATE: 16 апреля 2014 - 17 апреля 2014

    LOCATION: Gulf Hotel, Manama, Bahrain

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  • WCO Origin Conference 2014

    The major objective of the Conference is to share experience and exchange views on origin practices, on origin-related procedures and on Customs’ role in fostering FTA utilization. The Conference will provide a platform for future dialogue and cooperation between the public sector, the private sector and academia in the area of origin, and last but not least, forge new partnerships and encourage the exchange of knowledge between Members, private stakeholders and the academic community.

    DATE: 20 января 2014 - 21 января 2014

    LOCATION: Brussels, Belgium

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  • 2nd Global AEO Conference

    The AEO Programme enhances the security and facilitation of the international supply chain and promotes certainty and predictability in an increasingly competitive global environment. This conference will focus on the need to include other border agencies and assist small to medium size enterprises to become part of this global drive to prosperity.

    DATE: 28 апреля 2014 - 30 апреля 2014

    LOCATION: Madrid, Spain

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  • 2014 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition

    2014 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition

    The 2014 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition will provide an opportunity to discuss the ways in which Customs, in partnership with other border agencies and businesses, can impact the economic competitiveness of countries by exploiting effective IT solutions. The delegates will learn about Customs transit systems, Single Window best practices, port community systems and other IT-based responses to the increasing needs of governments in improving its capacity to process the growing volume of goods, conveyances and people.

    DATE: 05 мая 2014 - 07 мая 2014

    LOCATION: Sofitel Brisbane Central, Brisbane

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