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  • 10th WTO Ministerial Conference side event / Panel discussion on Trade Facilitation

    It is a good opportunity to look back and acknowledge the achievements made and the tools available for TFA implementation, to identify common challenges and to reaffirm commitment for full implementation in the future.

    DATE: 16 декабря 2015 - 16 декабря 2015

    LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya

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  • Technology & Innovation Forum

    During the Forum, the newest insights, latest developments and most recent trends will be demonstrated and discussed by the leading experts. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in this dialogue and share their experiences both on a personal level and with a wider audience.

    DATE: 26 октября 2015 - 29 октября 2015

    LOCATION: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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  • WCO

    WCO 5th Programme Global Shield Seminar

    The theme of the Seminar is "Security through Cooperation and Partnership" and will focus on the use, trade and capacity building related to the 14 targeted explosive precursor chemicals.

    DATE: 20 октября 2015 - 22 октября 2015

    LOCATION: Brussels

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  • WCO Picard Conference

    The annual WCO Picard Conference focuses on the presentation of research and policy analysis by academics and practitioners.

    DATE: 08 сентября 2015 - 10 сентября 2015

    LOCATION: Baku, Azerbaijan

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  • WCO Regional Integration Conference

    The WCO Regional Integration Conference will explore the challenges that Customs and other border agencies face in regional integration projects, bringing together practitioners that faced these challenges and surmounted them.

    DATE: 15 июня 2015 - 16 июня 2015

    LOCATION: Brussels

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  • Knowledge Academy

    Various modules are offered within three learning tracks, which are focused on the principal work of the WCO, namely Tariff & Trade Affairs (HS, Rules of Origin, Valuation), Trade Facilitation (Trade Facilitation Agreement, WCO Data Model, and AEO/SAFE), both targeted towards the private sector, and finally, a third track designed for WCO Member administrations.

    DATE: 17 июня 2015 - 26 июня 2015

    LOCATION: Brussels

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  • WCO IT Conference & Exhibition

    A three day conference focusing on exploring ways in which modern information and communications technology can lead to exciting possibilities for a whole-of-government approach at the border and beyond

    DATE: 06 мая 2015 - 08 мая 2015

    LOCATION: Bahamas

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  • European Passenger Experience Workshop

    The goal of the upcoming European Passenger Experience Workshop, is to update across the industry and regulators on the different initiatives included in IATA’s Passenger Experience Program.

    DATE: 27 мая 2015 - 28 мая 2015

    LOCATION: Brussels

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